The City of Peace

Taught by your Spirit, we who bear your threefold likeness

look for the City of Peace in whose light we are transfigured

and the earth transformed.

Since Paul, Augustine and all those who have tried to walk in the Augustinian tradition, followers of the Christian way have felt themselves acutely to be in an ever-present state of conflict. Do we belong to the city of God with all its fulness or the city of this aeon with all its limitations? How can we accept the ways of the world in which we live while hoping, trusting and believing that our home is not here? We are here only for a season, and then…

The answer to this dilemma has always been impossible to find. In this Advent however, some become aware of a third city – The City of Peace – that glorious state of fulfilment to be accomplished at the end of the ages but which is being built in our own day and of which we are the builders.

Yes, we are the builders of a glorious new age.

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