Advent Penitence

I am, as my children are too polite to say, beginning to have some difficulty with the days of the week. So with suitable Advent penitence, I note that it is now Wednesday and I should have posted on Tuesday. When I remembered, I was pirouetting on a step ladder attempting to fix some suitably naff Christmas lights to the exterior of the porch at Blogstead Episcopi. We’ve just done the ritual which I always find difficult – the choice of the tree and the installing of the same in such a way that something which is inherently crooked is made to appear impeccably straight. But it’s all Advent stuff – all the preparing, not just with heart and mind, but with body and action too for the coming of Christmas. And all the rushing and fuss, the crowded shops and car parks, the impossibility of finding out what to buy for Auntie Flo, the joy of receiving Christmas cards from the very people whom one has quietly removed from the list – all of it is part of the watching and the waiting in the darkness of our lives for the ‘great light’ which we hope to see.

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