No News Is Good News…

First post of 5: 

     I was listening to a favourite band of mine, New Found Glory, at work whilst thinking “I need to get a post up on lovebloomsbright soon when I realised this is the basis for my first post.

The song who’s name forms the title for this post came on and I started thinking, isn’t this similar to what my view of the commercial Christmas is?

The lyrics that got me were:

We all give in,
We all complain,
We sit and wait,
For things to change,
We’re waiting,
We’re waiting.
All along, we follow blindly,
All along, we follow blindly

(full lyrics)

 This Christmas season I have become increasingly aware of so many people, including myself, who are getting frustrated by the commercial aspect of the season. It starts with the hints in October, then leads up, the advertising increasing, until this weekend, where the shops are full, the shoppers are fretful and people become angry and will snap at your for the smallest of reasons. When did it become like this? The pressure to buy more presents, to do more and be more is too much at times. I’m good for a small exchange of gifts after church on Tuesday.

On the same thread, I’ve noted a few newspaper articles discussing the decreasing awareness of “the reason for the season”, I think it was the Times that gave the statistic of only 1 person out of 8 who knew the story or baby Jesus.

A shocking statistic.

I often wonder why Easter isn’t the same.

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