Gabriel’s story

The two great spheres of time and eternity touched and I leapt across. I had made myself as small as I could, fitting myself into a shape as unalarming as I could manage, until the whole of my spirit cried out in pain at its restriction.
Standing before her, I spoke at once, saying: ‘I am honoured, God-chosen.’ and I saw the fear in her eyes. I saw ahead through her sphere, and I knew the terrible path she was agreeing to. I saw through eternity. The slight, indomitable figure, the childish confidence of faith, and the parched  agonized end and beyond. The choice made with a whole heart, and the choice made again and again as the cost and the pain mounted.
She made to reverence the glory of my reduced frame.  I knelt before her.

6 thoughts on “Gabriel’s story

  1. Thank you for the gift of Gabriel’s story. I look forward to starting each day of the season with your reflections. Reading from Columbia, SC

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