Awaiting the Christ Child

At the beginning of this Advent season I wanted to share with you a video reflection on Advent

In this Advent season we await the coming of Christ

Child of promise come,

Revealer of God come,

Bringer of life come,

Come to the beaten and the battered,

Come to the despised and rejected

Come to all in whom the divine image is still distorted

We wait in joyful expectation.

Come not as an distant emperor but as a helpless babe

Come not as a prince in a gold palace, but as a displaced and frightened refugee

Come not as a man of power, but in love and compassion

Come to those outcast like shepherds in the field

Come to foreigners like Magi watching from afar

Come to rich and poor, young and old, male and female,

We wait in hopeful anticipation

Come to bless all creation with your love

Come to bring salvation on the earth

Come to rule with justice and in peace

Come Child of promise, open the windows of our hearts

Come Christ of compassion, open the doors of our homes

Come Prince of Peace, open the pathways to our lives

We wait with all the peoples of the earth

Child of hope we welcome your coming

Christ of life we welcome your coming

King of glory we welcome your coming

This was first published on my blog with several other video reflections on Advent

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About Christine Sine

I currently live in Seattle Washington with my husband Tom & our golden retriever Bonnie. We live in a small community that you can check out at My husband and I run a small organization called Mustard Seed Associates and work to assist churches and Christian organizations to engage the challenges of the 21st Century. I also speak on issues relating to changing our timestyle and lifestyle to develop a more spiritual rhythm, missions and health, and women’s issues. I am an adjunct professor for Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle. If you visit us in Seattle you might find me out in the garden harvesting luscious tomatoes. Or you might find me inside knitting a sweater or working on a new book or video on creating a liturgy of life. I also love photography & reading. We love practicing hospitality and cooking food from all over the world. We particularly enjoy teaching people how to party the kingdom 24/7. In a former life I trained as a physician in Australia and developed and directed the healthcare ministry for Mercy Ships. I still work as a consultant in international healthcare and travel medicine as well as conducting seminars to help prepare people for overseas mission service. I have worked in Africa, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. She is the author of three books GodSpace: Time for Peace in the Rhythms of Life (Barclay Press 2006), Travel Well World Vision Resources 2005 and Tales of a Seasick Doctor (Zondervan 1996). Christine and Tom also co-authored Living on Purpose: Finding God’s Best for Your Life. (Baker Books 2002).

4 thoughts on “Awaiting the Christ Child

  1. thank you for this beautiful offering. we have been doing something along the same lines using the Isaiah passages from the lectionary –putting key words/phrases in video format with live music as a call to worship. is there any way that we could use this one in our Sunday morning worship? thanks!

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