breath of love



From ‘Sabbaths 2000’



As timely as a river

God’s timeless life passes

Into this world. It passes

Through bodies, giving life,

And past them, giving death.

The secret fish leaps up

Into the light and is

Again darkened. The sun

Comes from the dark, it lights

The always passing river,

Shines on the great-branched tree,

And goes. Longing and dark,

We are completely filled

With breath of love, in us

Forever incomplete.

…………………..– Wendell Berry, Given

6 thoughts on “breath of love

  1. I have had this book for a couple of months now, and had read most of the poems in it – and enjoyed them. But somehow, this week, they seemed to take on new meaning, and they continue to haunt me…. in all the best ways.

  2. Mommanator – Justin took the picture – I worked a bit of photoshop magic on it. And please do get the book. Wendell Berry is wonderful.

    So glad you liked this, Elizabeth.

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