wings plated silver

Psalm 68, vs 1-  15, 33-36

For the choirmaster.
A psalm of David; a song.

God rises up,
enemies of heaven scatter:
they disperse like smoke,
they melt like wax,
they perish before God.

But the just are glad,
they rejoice before God
and celebrate with song.

Sing to God’s name, play hymns!
God rides the clouds. Send up a song!
‘LORD’ is God’s name. Rejoice!
Father to the fatherless,
defender of widows:
God in the temple!

Give gives the homeless a home,
sets the prisoner to prosper,
but the rebellious
are banished to the wild.

God, when you led your people,
when you marched in the desert,
earth shook, heaven rained before you,
Israel’s God, the Lord of Sinai.

You gave us downpours
to refresh your promised land
where you nourish your flock.
Gracious God, you strengthen the weak.

God speaks a word;
a company of women
spreads the good news.

Kings and their armies
run and flee.
Housewives and shepherds
all share the plunder:
silver plated doves
with bright gold wings.

The Almighty blew kings about
like snow on Mount Zalmon.

Rulers of the earth, sing to God.
Make music for the Lord
who rides the clouds,
whose voice is thunder.

Acknowledge the power of God
who governs Israel,
whose strength is in the stormclouds.

You inspire wonder
in your temple,  God of Israel,
as you fill your people
with power and might.

Blessed be God!

from The Psalter,
a faithful and inclusive rendering

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