It’s all in the waiting…

…so they tell me Lord. But what I am I supposed to be waiting for? Christmas yes I know that bit… but what about this bit it’s all in the waiting?

I’m trying to take some time, just for me and you — the silence, the reading, the Bible Study, but how will I know if I find what it is I’m meant to be waiting for —  if I’m not sure in the first place what I’m looking waiting for?

I have to go now and I’m still not sure if I found today what I was looking for. Lord I have to go, although I’d really like to stay a while longer it’s just that I have to go, get the children’s packed lunches and PE kits ready, take the children to school, go to work, plan the weekend’s food. Lord you know the routine and the lack of time for me… and for you… should I be able to find more time? Lord I have to go, because time is really getting tight now!

Lord I’m not putting the radio on in the car on my way to work today — I feel I need a few more minutes to see if I can find what I’m waiting for, I’m finding this is beginning to make me feel anxious — is this what I should  be feeling? Well I’m waiting for a green Christmas, for the traffic lights to turn green, but what am I really waiting for.

Lord I’m so excited I just have to tell you —  standing in the queue for the Post Office for the stamps for my Christmas cards, which incidentally still aren’t written, it was some queue, but I waited… and then Lord, a chance smile and a short conversation with the lady in front of me, she was there to post a parcel for her son. Nothing unusual in that, until she told me it was a parcel with Christmas goodies for her son — on the front line in Afghanistan. I could see the pain and the ache in her eyes as she told me this. Lord she just wants Christmas to be over and for February to be here when he returns from this tour of duty, and then there you were, as I looked into her eyes just before she moved to take her turn at the counter — there you were — in her eyes and in that parcel was HOPE. Lord, thank you now I know what I was waiting for today — that chance encounter in the ordinary, but then you know because you were there.

Lord, thank you, I think I saw a glimpse of what I’m waiting for– I’ll be back tomorrow morning…



1 thought on “It’s all in the waiting…

  1. Thank you for this… Often we do forget what or who we are waiting for. God does show up in the unexpected places. Blessings of Peace to you also.

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