Those without time

I work with adults with a learning disability. They are universally excited about Christmas. We have a large Christmas tree in the respite unit and their faces light up like small children when they see the tree. But what does Christmas mean to them? And who are the Learning Disabled?

The most valuable gift is time. We are the ones to whom it is easy to say – “Just wait there, I’ll see to it in a minute.” We have no idea of time so it does not matter … We are also God’s children. In Church we may be the ones that look different, whose behaviour is unusual. We may not sing in tune.

So what does Christmas mean to us? We often need constant care, each day can be a revelation. We know about presents. We know Father Christmas is coming. We wait with anticipation. We want love.

At Christmas all of us rush around with so little time ourselves. We need so much. Let us also love and give time for others who may be hard to love. The gift of Christmas is for us all.

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An enthusiast to my core! I have diverse interests - I am an Explorer Scout Leader, a rock climber (far less talented as I get older), genealogist and avid reader. I sing and laugh too loudly. I love my wife and three grown up sons - they are all far more talented than me!

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