Advent is a time of journeys. There is the journey of Mary to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Then, of course, there is the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Around the birth there is the journey of the Magi, led by a star. After the birth there are the shepherds journeying from their flocks. I like to think of these like drovers, living in bields or shielings in the hills for months at a time. These are men of the wilds, not familiar with coming into town.
Then there are the journeys we all make at this time to see friends and family. In the snow these journeys have for some become problematical. Those drivers stuck on the M8 or A80 found themselves on a journey where they could neither achieve their desired goal or even turn around and return to the safety of home. For some, being stuck in their car meant they found love and concern from others – firemen delivering hot tea and sandwiches to drivers on the motorway; for others isolation and distress, trapped with small children in their cars.
I hope all our journeys are achieved safely at this time of year. We can hope to find help on our individual journeys or the strength to cope in adversity.

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An enthusiast to my core! I have diverse interests - I am an Explorer Scout Leader, a rock climber (far less talented as I get older), genealogist and avid reader. I sing and laugh too loudly. I love my wife and three grown up sons - they are all far more talented than me!

2 thoughts on “Journeys

  1. It may be bad form to be the one to comment on your own post, but I have just listened to thought for the day on Radio Scotland. The speaker was Sally Magnusson and her theme – JOURNEYS! She was far more elegant in her phrasing than me, and bought in the present situation at European airports – but basically the same ideas – thwarted dreams and desires.

    Just a thought – she did have one hour to read this blog before broadcast …..

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