A Remarkable Man

He must have been so understanding in what seemed to be a very misunderstood situation… why?

He loved Mary so much and she came to him, with child by another. How could he marry her?  How could he abandon her?  How could he not love her?  Why?

He was angry, with her, with himself, and on top of all that he had to organise a trip, right when she was due.  How could she do this to him?  Why?

No accommodation!  This was getting worse.  He was tired, fed up, his feet hurt, his heart hurt, so he should be grateful for the offer of staying with the animals.  Mary was looking as though she needed rest and his support, but, he was still cross – still couldn’t work it out. Why?

As the baby lay in  her arms, she glowed, he glowed with pride and the baby glowed with love for all … and he knew. That was why!

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