Gift bestower

Recently a TV programme ran a competition for children to design a Christmas card.  A lot of the entries, and certainly all the winners on the section that I was watching, were of Father Christmas.  Then, asked what they liked about Christmas, the children’s replies were almost unanimously, “I like Santa because he brings us lots of presents”.  Oh dear, why do children not realise the meaning of Christmas, was my reaction.

God gave us the best present of all.  Do they not realise this.

But then –  a jolly, round faced, rotund grandfather figure with red cheeks and bristles, who gave us gifts.  Maybe children are more preceptive than I thought.

5 thoughts on “Gift bestower

  1. Yes, the universal giver – my old Professor Jim Whyte, used to say ‘Never tell a child they have to be good to get a present from Santa – that is heresy.’

  2. It’s a curious thing that in a society so driven by consumerism, we still place at the heart of childhood the idea that the most wonderful gifts come from a stranger who gives out of the their own desire and delight, seeking nothing in return. Maybe it means that older and deeper values remain.

    I wonder, too, if the purity of the gift is better expressed by severing the labour of it from the receiving — greater delight because it seems to appear effortlessly from no where? (a story of creation, rather than a story of sacrifice)

    Rosemary — what a wonderful quote. That’s the sort of thing that Christian Media gurus should put on the side of buses. Or indeed, that it is worth ringing a bell for, and proclaiming loudly in the streets.

    • Rosemary – that quote sums up beautifully what I felt. My initial sadness being turned completely into hope and joy.

      Do we learn more as we grow older or do we forget innocence and simplicity? I would like to think like a child again!

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