Caricatures of God.

I had a unusual experience tonight.  An artist drew a caricature of me at a Christmas Party.  Here it is:


I saw it and I thought: “My ears are NOT that big!!  My nose isn’t like THAT!!”.  Then I remembered: it was a caricature, not a true likeness.

Perhaps that’s why God became Incarnate – God got fed up of the caricatures.  “I don’t hate non Jews, I don’t want everyone to burn in fire.”    So God took on our human nature, flesh and blood to we could see and know the Real God and not the caricature the Cults promote.  Who would we  rather encounter?  The caricatures we know or the Real God we long for?

2 thoughts on “Caricatures of God.

  1. My fear is that we too often prefer the caricatures, and have trouble naming our deepest longings. But you are right: the incarnation precisely challenges that and helps us long for something that is more deeply true.

    (you are very brave not only having, but sharing, a caricature. the eyes are the clearest sign that it is you.)

  2. I agree! Wasn’t courage btw – the artist was sketching a variety of guests at the Friends of the national Galleries party in the revamped Portrait Gallery (well worth a visit)!

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