Great shadows

Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow

-Swedish Proverb

Worry seems to play a large  part of the Christmas build up.  Where do we find the money for the latest trend toy or gadget? Shadow growing.  There must be chocolates, treats and food that we only eat once a year.  Shadow growing.  When will I write, post, deliver the cards?  Buy and wrap the gifts and will they be what is wanted? Shadow is growing.

Worry less  Things will get done, maybe not in the way you had planned, but will be done.  We will eat and share things with those who are important to us and then the shadow will fade.

Mary and Joseph’s shadow was great.  Where were they going to stay after their long journey?  Where was Mary going to give birth?  Why was God putting the responsibility of this small child on their shoulders and what exactly was going to happen to this small being.  Then when he was born, the light shone and drove the shadow away.

…disperse the gloomy clouds of night, and deaths dark shadows put to flight.

O come, O come Emmanuel

4 thoughts on “Great shadows

  1. As I sit here with a huge pile of cards, I decide to take a few minutes to check emails, etc. Who would have thought I’d find peace on the internet. Thanks for this, cards will be late this year again. Peace.

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