Furry blanket

Something good happened last night.  I was in my usual place (because I am a creature of habit), curled up in the corner of the place they call the stable.  A few snorts and stamps from the other animals could be heard, but, on the whole, all was peaceful.

Then, they arrived.  Shuffling in, quite late on, and settling down in the fresh straw.  I raised my head a little but sensing no danger I stuck my nose back under my paw and commenced purring.

Sometime later I became aware of a bit of a commotion.  There was something in the manger and they were calling it a baby, a Jesus, a Messiah, an Emmanuel, I couldn’t quite catch it.  The shepherds, hadn’t seen them in town for ages.  It was very bight too.  That was probably the other visitors.  The ones with wings.

It made a tiny noise, a bit like a kitten.  “I think he is cold, could you please keep him warm?”  She looked at us all, no-one in particular.  A few stamped forward.  I slunk through their legs and leapt up onto the manger.  It was so peaceful looking, even though it was still making a meowing sound.  I walked around the edge, balancing on the narrow strip of wood, then carefully felt my way through the straw and curled up so that my fur covered it’s feet.  The meowing stopped and it felt good.  I felt good.  Everyone was now sleeping soundly, not quietly, but peacefully.

I woke at daybreak.  “Thank you” she said.  A hand came down and touch my head.  It was warm and a soft.  “You have been so kind. Here is something for you, something you can pass on to all who come after you.”

Silently I jumped down on to the dusty floor, thirsty.  I bent down to lap from the trough and saw it, on my head, just above my eyes.  It hadn’t been there before.  The shape of M… I wonder.

Ella – it is there!

Take a closer look at a tabby cat and you will see how grateful Mary was.

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