behold the glory

‘Thank God’ he cried.
And this time the angels weren’t alarmed at all.  They simply took up formation around the crib and sang a new song.

For a moment, God looked confused, and then he laughed.

‘A lullaby, Jophiel?’

Jophiel bowed and unfurled a wing, before returning to the tenor line.

‘You are right, of course.  This is how to praise me now.’
God listened closely, adjusting to this new perspective.

Joseph stirred a fresh bale of hay, and smiled as the smell of grass caught him.  Mary watched the baby sleeping, her eyes full of wonder:
Look what a word could do.

Overhead, a single star shone brightly.  Radiant, and just a bit smug.
Time, now, to summon the Magi.  Light burst to the four corners of the earth.

4 thoughts on “behold the glory

  1. Up since 6:30, non-stop from then preparing lunch for 12, all gone now at 6:55, so this iis the first chance to check the blog. How calming, how smile-making, how just right for the end of a very busy, noisy day. Look what a few words can do. Thank-you so much from a very weary lady!

    I have so enjoyed Jophiel.

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