Towards the LightA

In Advent we wait,
wait for the darkness to end.
The first flickering light has been lit
a single flame of hope
urging us to keep faithful, keep watching,
keep waiting.
Just as those of old did.

Darkness being lost,
lost to the light;
rays of peace, beams of comfort, flashes of glory,
seeping into the darkest of places.

As we wait,
wait for the brightest of all lights.
each small light declares
‘The light that came long ago will come again’.

Keep the light burning, the best is yet to come.

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About Kirstin

I have been working in the Scottish Episcopal Church since aged 13 when I used to type up the hand written minutes of the Church we worshipped at. Having always had a vocation - yes the story about me burying a toy rabbit which had lost its ear are true - but never thought it would amount to anything because I happen to be female. Ever since I finally accepted that God was calling me despite the fact I was a woman. The Holy Spirit has spent half the time propping me up and the other half swiping the rug from under me so I don't get too comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Waiting

    • Thank you Kimberly, it was taken a couple of years ago in Canterbury Cathedral and I always thought of it as being Easter until last month when I popped up on my screen saver and suddenly yelled Advent at me. Maybe it is the mixture of both that make it so compelling.

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