Reflections from a train.

At this stage in my life I seem to have become a commuter.Commuters know about journeying.  The waiting on the cold platform at Waverly.  The joys of delays.  The frustrations of overcrowding and the larger than comfortable passenger sat next to you.

And the joys too.  The unexpected luxury of a free seat with no one sat next to you.  The room to stretch your legs.  The time to read and reflect.  Even pray as you go.  Praying on a commuter train means you have to block out some noise and concentrate.  Conentrate on God. On the words.  And then you might hit gold and connect for some moments with the Glory.

In Advent we seek the Glory. And the glory seeks us.  Even on the train.  And tonight I came home on a purple train

3 thoughts on “Reflections from a train.

  1. What a delightful example of hitting gold.
    And your description of a cold, wet Waverley transports me back to a former life working in Edinburgh and leaping gazelle- like up and down the steps morning and night; such joy.

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