God’s Snugglers.

There’s something about your bedroom that’s very nourishing on a dark winter morning.  The cool darkness in the room outwith your bed (ideal for good sleep hygiene I am told).  The womb like sensation of being snuggled under a nice thick king size duvet.  The comfort of snuggling into your best beloved (male, female, cat, dog or cuddly toy!) and enveloping and being enveloped by them.  And the occasional, blissful sense of well-being and thankfulness that oozes across your sleepy brain and reaches out to God who is our comforter and the source of our well-being.

Jesus was snuggled up in Advent.  Snuggled up in Mary’s womb, drawing strength and love and nourishment from the closeness from that embrace.  We snuggle up to God and are snuggled by God as we pray and enjoy God’s presence with us.  We are God’s snugglers.

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