The Ordinariness of the Extraordinary


Slender simplicity of choice: a girl, unknowing and unknown.
She – the most ordinary of girls of whom nothing else is told, solely her mothering of the Son of God.
It is no good expecting miracles to be remarkable – like the lightening strike of some trickster’s magic.
Miracles come in silently, softly, transforming the lives of unsuspecting people…and for Mary, girl of her time and her community, unseen as exceptional, nothing (especially her name) made her stand apart from the crowd. It was her innocent extra-ordinariness that fitted her to become extraordinary.

So, for the Saints who surround us, it is their daily practice of ordinariness that marks them as God’s messengers: God’s trades people – dealing softly with miracles.
…and the currency is always the same… prayer: and the change is Hope.

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