To Do List

clean the floors
make the beds
get the food in – there will be lots of people to feed

make the pudding
sort out curtains in front bedroom
make room for the drinks order
candles – lots of candles

So much to do so little time left.

milk – mustn’t forget about the milk

Which reminds me – after the milking if I have time I must give the stable a bit of a sort out, it is looking a bit run down this weather.  You see the inn hasn’t been doing very well, at least the census will help business, I’m fully booked for 4 nights.  Indeed everywhere is booked up and there is only five days before the first of them arrive, there was a sortage of flour this morning I am sure that is simply down to all the extra bread making that will be going on.

Decorations, nearly forgot, I want to decorate the place, I’m hope this census will be the start of a revival in business and if the place looks nice it might help.  I’ll put some greenery on the window sills and maybe some nice red flowers in the bedrooms.  I wonder if I should increase the drinks order, I don’t want to run out.  Oh and I must remember to order some more feed, there will be donkeys and horses maybe even a camel or two and they will want fed as much as their owners will.

There is such a lot to do, I’m not sure I am going to have time to do it all.  The stable can wait until after it’s all over and they have all gone home, then I will have plenty time.  If I get my son to stable the animals when people arrive, not only will it be good service but also it will mean nobody will see the state of the stable.  Yes, that’s a plan get the important things sorted out after all what the eye doesn’t see …

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About Kirstin

I have been working in the Scottish Episcopal Church since aged 13 when I used to type up the hand written minutes of the Church we worshipped at. Having always had a vocation - yes the story about me burying a toy rabbit which had lost its ear are true - but never thought it would amount to anything because I happen to be female. Ever since I finally accepted that God was calling me despite the fact I was a woman. The Holy Spirit has spent half the time propping me up and the other half swiping the rug from under me so I don't get too comfortable.

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