A Trick of the Dark

I had an idea about what I was going to do for Advent this year and it all went out the window, I have written elsewhere about why, I simply say this here and now as for some this might not seem very Advent like, but for me this year it is.

Across the darken valley I watched the car headlights wind up the twisty road that leads to that place, that place of sanctuary called home.  Occasionally they disappeared behind a grove of trees, it didn’t mean they had gone out merely they had been temporally blocked from view.  While each time another of the hairpin bends approached the lights slowed a little the driver taking extra care, just what might be around that bend?  Then once things were clearer the road straighter for a bit the speed increased again.  The pool of light those headlights made, traced a journey well trod, repeated the echo of many previous journeys made.  For though the journey was towards home, somehow when it was not dark another journey was made that led away from that place of warmth, safety and contentment.  So each time another dark night appeared, like this one, the headlights again had to weave their way, through the twists and turns, dimming as they passed the trees until they finally came to a stop and went out, but that was not the end.

For only moments after those two small lights faded from the back of my eyes I saw yet more lights glow, the outside lights flashed on as the house was neared, offering welcome.  Then lights within glowing from the unseen front door and spreading from room to room painting a bright array on the dark hillside.  The house which had been dark and unwelcoming before now shone with light.

Suddenly it was as if angel hosts had visited that hillside with their message of peace, all is well.  The hillside flooded with light as it always was but hidden from view by those obstacles, those trees that we plant which block our view, hiding the glory so we can declare with solemnity it is dark.

11 If I say, ‘Surely the darkness shall cover me,
and the light around me become night’,
12 even the darkness is not dark to you;
the night is as bright as the day,
for darkness is as light to you.

Psalm 139:11-12

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About Kirstin

I have been working in the Scottish Episcopal Church since aged 13 when I used to type up the hand written minutes of the Church we worshipped at. Having always had a vocation - yes the story about me burying a toy rabbit which had lost its ear are true - but never thought it would amount to anything because I happen to be female. Ever since I finally accepted that God was calling me despite the fact I was a woman. The Holy Spirit has spent half the time propping me up and the other half swiping the rug from under me so I don't get too comfortable.

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