I wish we’d all been ready

The reading on Sunday was from Matthew 24 and spoke of a warning of judgement when the Son of Man comes unexpectedly. I was immediately taken back to a song by Larry Norman, an American gospel singer that I have been listening to since my teens.

Those lyrics spoke to a teenage me and still speak to me today. I remember going to see Larry back in Birmingham – a southern American with long blonde hair looking every inch the rock star. The imagery is still strong. “A piece of bread would buy a bag of gold” – this year has seen communities in Syria where hunger has once again been used as a weapon of war.

The meaning of the song has changed for me. The confidence of my teenage self saw it as a call to engage everyone to find out “if they were saved”. Now I want everyone to experience God’s love but know that God is acting before me. I still wish in this Advent that we shall all be ready, ready to receive the love of God. Man may have set a date for Christmas but it is still true that we still do not know the hour of the Lord’s coming. We can always encounter God unaware – let us all be ready.

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An enthusiast to my core! I have diverse interests - I am an Explorer Scout Leader, a rock climber (far less talented as I get older), genealogist and avid reader. I sing and laugh too loudly. I love my wife and three grown up sons - they are all far more talented than me!

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