Seeing the Unseeable

When duty called him
To Jerusalem
We had almost ceased
Our hearts parched
As the dusty hill-soil,
Our virtue,
Our blamelessness
A habit,
Our love salted
With sorrow
To be forever

He came back
So that instinct,
Stronger than love,
Than reunion,
Backed me away
Behind my loom.

The writing tablet,
Thrust roughly
Into my hesitant hands,
Of incense,
Gabriel himself,
Joy for us,
A son,
The Holy Spirit
Elijah reborn,
Our son,

I was afraid,
Seeing him maddened
By despair’s visions,
Until I looked harder,
Saw his wild hope
Shot with incredulity,
To have seen the unseeable,
Been offered the impossible,
And believed.

SIA 11 xii 2013




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